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Authentic Korean Food is Outside the Bubble

June 19, 2017

If you’re wanting authentic Korean food or BBQ, you’ll have to venture out of Dallas proper.

As I mentioned in my post about Churro Alley, Koreatown in Carrolton is growing. It also has the most authentic Korean food I’ve come across to date. If want to make your own Korean food, H Mart will have the ingredients you need. Although there are many other Asian restaurants in the area, I’m going to focus on Korean food today.

Korean BBQ is an experience as much as it is a type of food. You grill the food yourself and choose large selections of meat served with cold sides. It’s best if you go with a group. Several BBQ places are all you can eat for a set price. The setup of each BBQ is the same (round hot plate in the middle of the table) but the scale of each restaurant can vary greatly just like any other eatery.

Omi Korean BBQ & Grill is one example. The atmosphere is that of a family dinner than a date night. You can choose to sit at a table and order from the grill or have the all you can eat BBQ. For $24.99 a person, you can have any number of meats and as much as you want. There is a disclaimer letting you know you will be charged extra if you waste large quantities. There are no to-go boxes. This isn’t terribly uncommon, allowing restaurants to cut back on waste.

My favorite choice of meat is Bulgogi which Omi marinated perfectly. It grilled nicely and was easy to cut. (If you’ve never been to a Korean restaurant, know that they use kitchen scissors to cut meat.) Another thing you’ll notice that is different in Korean BBQ restaurants is the call button. Instead of calling over your waiter/server, simply press the call button on the table.

The sides that come with it vary from place to place. Common sides are Kkakdugi (cubed radish kimchi), Kimchi, Eggplants(steamed or stir-fry), and Steamed Broccoli. Unless you have food allergies, I highly suggest trying all the sides. You might like them all but you may find something new you love.

In order to branch out, you have to step out. Driving out of the Dallas bubble for authentic food is well worth it.

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