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Babb Brothers BBQ & Blues

June 7, 2017

They brought the backyard BBQ inside.

Texas BBQ should be simple, slow roasted or smoke, and tastes great with or without BBQ sauce. Brisket is king and always will be in Texas (as it should be.) If you grew up in Texas, you’ve at least attended, if not hosted, a backyard BBQ. Birthday? BBQ. Family reunion? BBQ. Wedding? BBQ. Christening? BBQ. You name it we love to celebrate it by having more people than can fit in the house in our backyard, drinking tea or beer, eating meat from the grill, and listening to music blaring from a stereo. There’s a sense of camaraderie and community to backyard BBQs. You welcome people into your home, serve them delicious food, and in a way they become family.

Babb Brothers BBQ decided to bring all that indoors and provide live music rather than a stereo. The large barn/warehouse style building is filled with simple tables covered in picnic table cloths and seated with red folding chairs. You walk through behind the bar wall to order your food cafeteria style. You can order by the pound or plate. There is a stage backed by a guitar filled wall for the live music performed on Fridays and Saturdays. If you want a table for one of those nights, it’s best to reserve it since the place fills up quickly.

I ordered the two meat plate which also comes with two sides. The servings are large enough to split with another person. I had the smoked turkey and brisket. Both were juicy and not dry or bland. The turkey wasn’t over smoked and still had flavor. The sides were cheesy potatoes and fries. I would like to say that’s because of my love of potatoes in any variety but for the sake of staying honest, the fries were eaten by someone else. The cheesy potatoes aren’t mashed but cut similar to hash browns covered and cooked in cheese (aka delicious.)

The staff is friendly and nice. They add to the feeling of coming home for a BBQ. Babb found the perfect combination of good food and family vibes.

Babb Brothers BBQ & Blues
3015 Gulden Lane Suite 105,
Dallas, Texas 75212

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