Churro Alley Updated

July 28, 2017

Update as of July 28 2:27 PM: Churro Alley just posted they will be hosting a reopening event this weekend.

Original Update: Churro Alley has shut it doors after a few months of business.

The website and Facebook page are still active, but a sign on the door confirmed that they have regretfully closed. There has been no comment from the owners as to the cause. It boggles my mind. It was always busy and had just opened this year. Here’s hoping a new spot will help me with my churro cravings. 

Original Post:

You’ve seen Churro Alley’s churro and ice cream masterpiece on Instagram. Now it’s time to venture out and try it.

Carrolton is booming in Koreatown. From authentic Korean barbecue to revolving sushi bars and, of course, Korean supermarket H-Mart, the neighborhood has grown and continues to do so. One of the newest additions is Churro Alley. They are the creators of the looped churro you’ve seen taking over your #foodie Instagram posts.

Besides being looped rather than a stick of delicious fried dough, their churros aren’t filled but rather served with dipping sauce or coated and covered. Churro Alley offers three “alley”s. [Continue Reading]

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