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Churros in Koreatown

June 14, 2017

You’ve seen Churro Alley’s churro and ice cream masterpiece on Instagram. Now it’s time to venture out and try it.

Carrolton is booming in Koreatown. From authentic Korean barbecue to revolving sushi bars and, of course, Korean supermarket H-Mart, the neighborhood has grown and continues to do so. One of the newest additions is Churro Alley. They are the creators of the looped churro you’ve seen taking over your #foodie Instagram posts.

Besides being looped rather than a stick of delicious fried dough, their churros aren’t filled but rather served with dipping sauce or coated and covered. Churro Alley offers three “alley”s. Alley 1 is a not so standard churro with a dipping sauce. Alley 2 is a churro with a coating and your choice of topping sprinkled on top. Think white chocolate and fruity pebbles or dark chocolate and coconut. Alley 3 is the Instagram king. The rare mix of soft served ice cream and a looped churro. You also get a topping and a sauce added (i.e. sugar overload).

Since I love churros, like any excuse to have dinner in Koreatown, and a fan of Instagram, I had to try the Alley 3. I haven’t been in pain from sugar in a long time. But I couldn’t stop myself. Who knew churros and ice cream were the perfect match?

With the amount of business Churro Alley gets, the churros are hot and fresh. It also helps that it’s cheap. The options range from $3.75-5.75.

Churro Alley
2540 Old Denton Rd.,
Carrollton, TX

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