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Fast Furious Japanese Grill

August 8, 2017

Themed from the Fast & Furious movies, Fast Furious is a fast casual Pan-Asian restaurant worth the hype.

When thinking about Asian fast food, you might picture Panda Express. Fast Furious has come in to change that. Though Fast Furious isn’t technically classified as fast food, it is served Chipotle style. You can choose from “Tune Ups” kitchen bowls, which are made to order or pick from the “Furious” section, where you can pick your meat, rice, noodles, and vegetables.

The meat is cooked on a hibachi grill in the kitchen, while the noodles and rice are made in bulk ready to be served. I ordered a “Furious” with noodles and veggies. It came out in about 5 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of food. Also, for noodles that are made ahead, these weren’t stiff or stale. It comes with a side of spicy sauce (sriracha based is my guess) and a special sauce. I have no idea what the special sauce is but it was amazing with the steak.

Large amounts of good food served quickly for cheap is what you’ll get a Fast Furious. There are four locations through out the Dallas area. Each with a different car mural. For instance, Addison is Mustang focused. If you are looking for cheap, fast Asian for lunch or dinner, try Fast Furious.

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