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Hopdoddy Revisited

June 30, 2017

I originally posted about Hopdoddy back in 2014 when they opened a new store in Uptown. 

Since then, I have been back on more than one occasions and in different areas and cities. I stand by my initial review (that it’s better than Village Burger Bar) but the newness and hype has worn off. I’m disappointed that the bleu cheese is still in slice form rather than crumbles. Actual Mexican Coca-Cola from a glass bottle will always be better than the Maine Root sugar cane soda they have in the fountain. The truffle fries are good but I’ve never was on the truffle hype train and wish it would slow down now. (I don’t need truffle on everything from pizza to donuts.) The buns are still some of the best in town. Overall, I’d still keep eating there. The burgers are good and worth the price. 

Original post from August 2014: 

Yesterday, after spending quite some time being indecisive, I chose to eat at Hopdoddy for an early dinner/late lunch. Hopdoddy opened last month and it still has that new restaurant feel.

The ordering and service concept is a little strange. Walking in you can pick up a menu or head straight to the register and look at the giant chalkboard menu. You place your order with the cashier, and then you are assigned a table and given a number. Once you have your table, you have a server. You can even make another order at the table. For instance, say you decided you wanted a milkshake or to add fries later, you can do that at the table. I found this odd. I don’t quite see the need for the cashier step in the middle if I can order from my table and have a waiter. Maybe the majority of people don’t actually order anything extra or need anything more.

Anyway, on to the good stuff: the food. [Read the entire post here.]


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