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August 18, 2014

Yesterday, after spending quite some time being indecisive, I chose to eat at Hopdoddy for an early dinner/late lunch. Hopdoddy opened last month and it still has that new restaurant feel.

The ordering and service concept is a little strange. Walking in you can pick up a menu or head straight to the register and look at the giant chalkboard menu. You place your order with the cashier, and then you are assigned a table and given a number. Once you have your table, you have a server. You can even make another order at the table. For instance, say you decided you wanted a milkshake or to add fries later, you can do that at the table. I found this odd. I don’t quite see the need for the cashier step in the middle if I can order from my table and have a waiter. Maybe the majority of people don’t actually order anything extra or need anything more.

Anyway, on to the good stuff: the food. I ordered the classic burger with no onion and added blue jack cheese. I didn’t realize that I arrived during Happy Hour (M-F 4-7) so I received $2 off my burger. This was great because a drink and a burger only cost $8 and change after taxes. If you are looking for name brand soda with your meal, this isn’t the place, unless you like Diet Coke. They have pure cane sugar and organic sodas from the fountain. I stuck with the Maine Root Mexicane Cola but they offer blueberry soda, vanilla, and one called Doppelganger that I suspect is like Dr. Pepper.

I was told to sit at one of the two-seater booths along the side and was given a number. My burger came out quickly. It served on a “drip pan” with a fork and knife. I should have known those were indicators of what was to come. If you like your burgers cooked more thoroughly, tell them at the counter. I didn’t make any special requests and my burger was cooked just slightly more than medium rare. It made the burger juicy but also messy. The patty itself didn’t have a lot of flavor. I don’t know if that to keep it from overpowering the sauce they add or if it’s to let the cheese and other ingredients give it flavor.

By the time I got halfway through it, I had to use the fork and knife. The burger just fell apart; bun sliding everywhere, sauce leaking from every angle, tomatoes dropping off. It’s definitely the winner of the messiest burger award. But it was worth it. The burger was large and filling. The sauce added good flavor. The bun was made fresh and slightly toasted. I’m still not a huge fan of the sliced blue jack cheese. I would prefer bleu cheese crumbles.

Hopdoddy has fair prices and it’s a good location. It’s next to Bread Winners Cafe on McKinney Ave and N Hall St. They do offer happy hour specials every day as well.

Move over Village Burger Bar, there’s a better burger joint in (Up)town.

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