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Kate Weiser Chocolate

June 12, 2017

Kate Weiser Chocolate isn’t just made; it’s designed.

Chocolate is a powerful food. Through its various forms and flavors, it can transform your day, your outlook, and even your health. Making chocolate is a skill much like baking but Kate Weiser has also made it an art.

Kate Weiser boldly opened a chocolate shop in Trinity Groves three years ago. There are many great chocolatiers in Dallas, but Kate created something unique with her hand-painted chocolates. The ingredients are quality, the taste is delicious, and each piece is artfully designed.

There’s something special about her shop in Trinity Groves. This isn’t your ordinary candy store. This doesn’t bring back nostalgia like See’s Candies. It isn’t a quick treat of Godiva. This is a shop for you. Making you feel like royalty, carefully selecting each piece to build your box of chocolates. Or maybe you choose a skillfully assembled box ready to take home. There is also a selection of macaroons and ice cream treats.

Kate Weiser now has a shop in Northpark but I highly recommend visiting the original shop in Trinity Groves:
3011 Gulden Ln, Suite 115,
Dallas, Texas 75212

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