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Mercy Wine Bar

September 12, 2017

An upscale wine bar with a large selection, live music, and customers who wear flip-flops, Mercy stays busy.

Monday-Thursday: 10:57 AM- 11:57 PM the door of Mercy reads. Google isn’t wrong when you looked it up. The weekend hours are just as odd. Though I have yet to see people there before 6 PM, Mercy is full almost every night. From the outside, it looks like a small quaint French wine bar. The patio always full gives the illusion that the bar is just a small inside. But it’s just an illusion. The interior is large with tables and couches throughout will a full cellar next to the bar. There is live music (mostly acoustic or jazz) nearly every night.

If you want dinner after 6, make a reservation. It’s probably wise to make a reservation even if you are just having wine (if you’d like to sit.) The waiters are friendly and quick. Everyone who works there has a vast knowledge of the wines, down to the Providence it’s made in. The food was excellent and the perfect portion (i.e. the salmon is just salmon, no sides but large enough to be filling). I’m sure this is so you have room for dessert. I highly recommend the chocolate trio.

The oddest part of Mercy is the clientele. It varies drastically, which is excellent for any restaurant. But given the ambiance and the type of bar/restaurant that Mercy is, it’s interesting to see people come in where yoga pants or jean shorts with flip-flops. (No judgment, just observation.) I suppose the takeaway here is that Mercy is a wine bar with class that allows you to come as you are.

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