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Neighborhood Services

July 3, 2017

Neighborhood Services has interesting dynamics and good food.

The interior is as if there were two owners: one who wanted the bar to look like Cheers and the other one who wanted an upscale restaurant. Somehow they got both and honestly, it works. The menu even matches the style of the restaurant with New American fare and new takes on Southern food.

They have signature cocktails, a long list of wines, and a great selection of different Rye, bourbon, and whiskey including a few Japanese whiskeys. I ordered one of the signature cocktails, the Hibiscus margarita. It’s made on the rocks, of course. It had really great flavor and the Hibiscus wasn’t overpowering. It was just sweet enough to remind me of a Jolly Rancher.

The wait staff is wonderful. They take every precaution and asking you about any allergies you may have. I ordered the London broil steak and frites. It was a large portion cooked medium rare just as I asked. The steak was slightly saltier than I prefer but with still good. The fries were perfect, just the right amount of crispness and not over seasoned.

The dessert menu sounded fantastic but unfortunately, I was too full for my meal to eat anything else. I know that next time I go there I will definitely be ordering a piece of pie.

Neighborhood Services
5100 Belt Line Rd Suite 795,
Dallas, TX 75254

  1. I’m a TED Global speaker, journalist and ghostwriter for many Fortune 500 companies, and a friend of Peggy Pepper, a Dallas businesswoman, consultant, and business strategist. On her Facebook page yesterday she wrote about her experience at Neighborhood Services and what she experienced. I believe her word-of-mouth review more:

    We were looking forward to dinner with new friends at one of our favorite local Dallas restaurants, owned by Nick Bodavinas. Nick was just written up in the Dallas Morning News as the new restaurant idea man/titan in Dallas. Based on past experience, we were so happy for him.
    I made Open Table reservations as always. We asked for what has become OUR “regular” table at Neighborhood Services on Preston at Royal. We always eat early and leave early.
    We ALWAYS tip well.
    Tonight, when we arrived before our friends, we had our first unpleasant surprise. I had confirmed our reservation AND our table choice, which was also confirmed by phone between the restaurant and me earlier in the day. When we arrived, on time, our usual table was empty, surrounded by earlier diners. We assumed it was waiting for us, as usual.

    That’s when we were blankly told we didn’t have a reservation. WHAT? The restaurant, at 6:00pm, was basically EMPTY anyway but they kept looking at their computer and whispering to one another and stalling, repeating 3-4 times that we had NO RESERVATION. They suggested we had “called the wrong location”…maybe WE were CONFUSED….Really? THEY were the ones who had called ME!
    We insisted on being seated after an extended wait even though they continued to argue with us about “our confusion about our numerous locations”.
    After more wait and with much eye rolling between our “lovely and gracious” pair of hostesses we were finally begrudgingly seated at our usual table which had remained empty during the debate. They cleared the table of all but two place settings even though we had repeatedly told them the reservation was for four.

    Our friends arrived 10 minutes later after we ordered a first drink. We ordered more rounds of drinks and wine, before ordering dinner, then enjoyed appetizers and dinner specials and later…dessert, by this time, soothed by great dinner table conversation and by the usual great food and service by an adorable and attentive waitress…..UNTIL…..

    We were winding down both food and conversation and had just put a generous tip on the $400+ bill, when, literally SECONDS later…

    The original hostess approached our table and told us it was TIME TO LEAVE. OTHER PEOPLE WERE WAITING. WHAT??? Really!??

    She stood there, not budging, while our mouths hung open in total shock. Then she repeated herself. She was not walking away until WE got up. OTHERS HAD RESERVATIONS and WE WERE DELAYING THEM FROM BEING SERVED!!
    Suddenly their dinner was our responsibility. Suddenly, this was their absolutely unacceptable way to encourage us to “enjoy your evening”.

    I guess we could have said NO WAY, we are staying put…but we were too blown away to argue. The send off was even more unpleasant than our arrival.

    When we walked out of the restaurant just before 8:00pm, we saw the table of ladies who had been dining next to us standing in front of the restaurant, sputtering mad as well. THEY HAD BEEN ASKED/TOLD TO LEAVE TOO!

    TOLD TO LEAVE!! That’s what happens when you’ve been loud, drunk and disorderly, disturbing other customers etc. We were only in the process of getting to know new friends. We thought we were in a place that was “like home” to us after so many evenings there. And our friends had never been before.

    THROWN OUT, for all intents and purposes. TOLD TO LEAVE because “our time was up”! They should put a ticking clock on every table and set the dial for the ultimate fine dining experience.

    The rudest, most crude and insulting behavior literally in the history of dining out…ANY WHERE. We were ALL FURIOUS and INCREDULOUS.

    If you think vitriol and bad blood and terrible treatment of your fellow man exists in our world these days. If you wonder why people don’t seem to get along any more, check out the behavior of the “professional” staff at Nick Bodavinas’ Restaurant at Royal and Preston for an up close experience of everything wrong with the arrogant, inconsiderate, rude treatment of regular patrons who were there only to enjoy a great meal and one another’s company.

    And up until now…Nick seemed to know how to make people feel at home, happy to support his success.

    No more. Never again.

  2. Becky,

    Though I am in no way associated with this group of restaurants, I’m sorry for your friend’s experience. I will note though the Neighborhood Services location that I dined at was in Addison on Montfort and Beltline, so I can not speak to the location on Preston at Royal.

    As for my experience, I had no issues reserving on OpenTable or with the service once I was there. The restaurant was full but because of our reservation we were seated immediately. The staff was polite and timely. They went above and beyond to make sure they asked about food allergies to avoid possible contamination. Our food was charged correctly and on par for what I expected for the area.

    Again, I’m sorry your friend had a terrible dining experience.

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