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The Novelty Hasn’t Worn Off of Sprinkles’ Cupcakes

July 10, 2017

Sprinkles, the “World’s First Cupcake Bakery”, keeps its name in the mix with its novelty ATM.

Sprinkles was a huge success when it reached Dallas. Everyone wanted the white icing with the blue and red dot. The lines nearly went around the block. Sprinkles made itself a household name in Dallas. Then other bakeries started to offer cupcakes or specifically cupcakes. Cupcakes are still trendy today.

Then Sprinkles introduced their cupcake ATM. Instead of waiting in long lines (though the ATMs usually have lines too) to choose from the day’s selection, you could walk up to the ATM and select from about 6 flavors and have it instantly. The store doesn’t have to be open either so you can fulfill your late night sweet tooth craving.

Though the ATM was first introduced in 2012 (at the Beverly Hills location), the novelty has yet to wear off. Legacy West just opened their Sprinkles location with the ATM. Business has yet to slow down. There is a slight added element of convenience for the ATM which helps its longevity. 

Unfortunately, Sprinkles is just a novelty. Are their cupcakes bad? No, but they aren’t worth waiting in long lines for either. I’ve had the “oh so famous” red velvet, and most recently I tried the milk chocolate with chocolate icing. The cake was moist but lacked flavor. You’ll get more from an Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate-chocolate muffin. I can give them props for using cream cheese frosting. (That’s the only true frosting for a cupcake.) For the price, roughly $2 a cupcake, it didn’t hurt to try a new flavor.

If I’m going to wait in a long line, I’d rather have Gigi’s or Fluellen Cupcakes.

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