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Out-of-Towner: Earls Kitchen + Bar

October 10, 2017

This is a rare exception. Earls Kitchen + Bar is in the DFW area. But this review is based on the Earl’s in Canada. I’ve never been to the Earl’s in the Dallas area so I cannot speak to those.

Though based on the clientele I’ve seen enter and make reservations for Earls’ Plano location, I can say that the Canadian version is more laid back. You don’t have to have a reservation and there’s no need to dress up.

There were four of us at dinner this time so I have more food to review. For appetizers, we had the calamari and the avocado toast. Canada has caught onto the Sriracha craze. The toast was drizzled with it and the sauce with the calamari was Sriracha-based. It was amazing. Honestly, the best calamari I’ve had. It wasn’t overdone or too chewy. The avocado was fresh and lightly seasoned.

The 6 oz Black Angus Steak was the perfect portion size since it came with a mound of potatoes and vegetables. It was perfectly cooked (medium rare). The potatoes were creamy and thick. But they and the vegetables could have used a little more seasoning.

I was somehow able to eat a bite of the molten chocolate cake and end the meal with a cappuccino. Overall, it was a lovely meal. Fresh food and great atmosphere, I’m looking forward to trying one of the American locations.

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