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Street’s Fine Chicken

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Interview: Casey Newton of Valise

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Interview: Kyle Morris of The Unlikely Candidates

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TGIF! It’s the weekend.

June 27, 2014

So you got caught up in work and forgot to make plans. Don’t worry, I have you covered. Dallas always has something to do. Here are a few ways to enjoy your weekend: Ten Bells Tavern’s 2nd Anniversary & Fundraiser– Visit Ten Bell Tavern all weekend to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. They are raising money for […]

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Neuhaus Cafe

June 26, 2014

Here’s another Scout Mob deal for you: 50% off at Neuhaus Cafe. A max of $10 off. From the outside, Neuhaus looks like a normal café but once inside it looks like a dessert gift shop with tables thrown in. You can dine in or order to go. You choose your own table. If your […]

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Union Bear

June 25, 2014

UPDATE: UNION BEAR IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED. “A place to eat” is their slogan. It’s more for drinking and having thin crust pizza. The menu is very limited other than pizza. The 14″ pizza is made with a hand tossed thin crust. There is a 16″ thin cracker crust option for a dollar more. The 14″ […]

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Uptown Pub

June 24, 2014

Neighborhood style bar that makes a great burger. (Cue the Cheers theme song) Though it’s located in Uptown off of McKinney Avenue, Uptown Pub has a laid back feel and cheaper prices. They start serving food at 11am. Their Bleu Burger is either second or third on my list of best burgers in Dallas. Made […]

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Just For You

June 23, 2014

This blog post is going to be different today. Why? Because I’m leaving this one to you guys. This blog has been going for nearly two months. I’m super appreciative of all the support and response I’ve received. But I want to hear your voices. What do you want to read about? Are there any […]

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Nammi Food Truck

June 21, 2014

If you were at the Arts District’s Summer Block Party, you most likely ate at one of the many food trucks. I was lucky enough to not have to stand in a terribly long line. Nammi had two food trucks out there to divy up their customers and provide faster service. Nammi Food serves Vietnamese […]

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Sip | Stir

June 20, 2014

To honest with a name like Sip Stir, I was imagining a Hipster, Uptown coffee shop with overpriced, unimaginative drinks. I was only partially wrong. The shop is clean and spacious. It has an industrial meets eco-friendly feel with metal mesh seats, exposed ceiling ducts, light green and wood walls. Pleasant Jazz music played over […]

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Art District Summer Block Party

June 19, 2014

Yesterday, I wrote about the Dallas Indie Festival. Well if that’s not enough art for you or if you’re a fan of the Late Nights at the DMA, the Art District’s Summer Block Party is this Friday. Every third Friday is the Late Night at the museums but this Friday is special. This Friday the […]

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Weekend Plans to Escape the World Cup

June 18, 2014

Wednesday means making plans for the weekend and trying to make it through the rest of the week. Well if you are tired of hearing about the World Cup and want something other than sitting around, drinking beer, and watching sports, here is an festival for your weekend. Dallas Indie Festival begins this Thursday with a […]

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Carnival Barker’s Ice Cream

June 17, 2014

UPDATE: CARNIVAL BARKER’S CLOSED AT THE END OF JANUARY 2017. Ice cream on a summer day is a classic. Carnival Barker’s Ice Cream is far from ordinary. Carnival Barker’s is hand-made with fresh ingredients. Carnival Barker’s started by selling wholesale to a few markets. It is still sold in various stores but you’ll want to […]

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