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Pronounced Lek-kah

March 20, 2017

Lekka is the North Dallas restaurant you haven’t heard of.

You might not know this place but that doesn’t stop Lekka from providing awesome food. Part bar/shop/patio, Lekka brings an unrivaled vibe to Far North Dallas. The patio is spacious with a calm stone waterfall wall and glass flower trees. The staff helps to add to the “chill” atmosphere. They’re friendly and laid back. You seat yourself but the service never falters.

Lekka comes from the South African word “lekker” meaning awesome, good, pleasant. But the style of food is much closer to Mediterranean. Regardless of how you want to label the food, there’s no denying it’s delicious. The Greek salad paired with in-house poppy-seed dressing is one of my go-to meals. Their salads are entrees to themselves. The food is always fresh. My favorite item is their pie, though. Pie made in-house that rivals Emporium Pies. (Yes, I just said that.) The peanut butter pie is fluffy and served is massive slices. Coffee is served in kitsch mugs that are likely seen in their shop.

The shop is directly attached to the patio. It’s actually what you see from the street not the restaurant. Known for salt lamps and glass lawn ornaments, the shop sells other quirky home items. Parking is limited. On busier days, there is someone letting you know where an open parking spot is.

Lekka has earned its name. It is always a great experience. Don’t forget the slice of pie.

17606 Preston Rd
Dallas, TX 75252

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