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What’s Shakin’? Shake Shack is Taking the World by Storm

July 12, 2017

Shake Shack once just a stand in NYC has now expanded across the world.

Let’s just talk about the ones in the DFW area though. Shake Shack’s Uptown location arrived a year ago. Since its success, Shake Shack has recently opened its newest site in Legacy West. Honestly, a perfect location. Unlike the Uptown location, the Shops area of Plano doesn’t have a lot of quick burger options. There’s Village Burger Bar and Twisted Root, neither truly compare or have the speed of service. They are also on the other side of the tollway.

Don’t get me wrong, the burgers at Shake Shack aren’t above quality, million dollar burger for a $10 bill kind of thing. But you do get a decent burger for the price. $5 for a burger won’t break the bank. The ingredients are good (100% Angus beef) served on top of a potato bun (my favorite part).

The highlights are the fries and dessert. I’ve never had a preference towards crinkle fries but that may have changed. Their fries are fresh and delicious. I ate way more than I care to admit in one sitting. (Pro tip: Try them with a little Louisiana hot sauce.) And as the name suggests, Shake Shack provides a hearty list of shake options. A specialty “concrete” for the DFW area is the “Pie Oh My” which comes with a slice of Emporium Pies seasonal pie. Five percent of sales from the Pie Oh My “concrete” (shake with mixins) support the Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

The thing that really sets Shake Shack’s desserts apart is that they are made with frozen custard. So the shakes are thick and really sweet. Nothing like you’ll get from BlueBell or Braums.

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