Sunday Sounds: Bobby Sessions

July 2, 2017

Bobby Sessions proves that hip-hop can be positive and lyrical.

Bobby Sessions released his second album earlier this year. “Grateful” honors the Dallas hip-hop legends and brings optimism to the genre. This is a continuing trend for Sessions. His belief in the Law of Attraction led to his first album which was aptly named the same (LOA).

He originally started as a poet and a philosophy student. Those influences are present in his style and raps. Sessions philosophy musings add depth and meaning to his raps. Sessions refers to his music as “when consciousness meets entertainment.” Leading to catchy music that has the power to lift up the listener.

Grateful is available for free online via High Standardz. You can buy physical copies at his shows. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have an upcoming show in Dallas at this current time. But you can watch his music videos for the time being, which is highly recommended.


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