Sunday Sounds: Buffalo Black

September 3, 2017

Buffalo Black a great lyricist and Dallas native. His biggest challenge will be overcome the mainstream radio looking for trap beats and incoherent or useless “lyrics.”

Not to say all hip-hop or rap on the radio doesn’t have substance. But to be played on repeat radio seems to have a formula that is basic, generic, or lacks depth. It’s a shame really.  Hearing “American Colors”, I’m instantly reminded of Lion Babe and Childish Gambino’s songs. Freddy Sans beautifully highlights the beats and Buffalo Black’s raps. Unfortunately, like Childish Gambino, radio success won’t happen over night. Both have talent and thoughtful lyrics.

Last month, Buffalo Black released his newest track “Hustle.” There’s a noticeable difference in the music but the lyrics are signature Buffalo Black. Depending on further production and mixing, this song could be the one to be played on the radio.

Buffalo Black doesn’t have upcoming shows listed but the “American Colors” music video should be coming our way soon. Whether he’s ever played on the radio, you can expect big things from Buffalo Black.

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