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Sunday Sounds: Mystery Skulls

June 18, 2017

Mystery Skulls just released their new single “Music” this month, delivering on an upbeat, danceable electronic track.

This has been their first release since 2014’s full album “Forever”. The Dallas-based Mystery Skulls formed in 2011 with Luis Dubuc as the lead. The first EP released in 2011 garnered a following with the single “Amazing”.

Mystery Skulls brings vocals and lyrics to rhythmic electronic sound. Without adding in pop gimmicks, Dubuc is able to create fun electro-pop music, perfect for dancing in a club or chilling with friends. That balance is hard to strike (catchy but original.) It’s far too easy to go to the deep end of club bangers or top 40 repetitive babble. With powerful vocals and collaborating with names like Brandy, Mystery Skulls offers more than EDM. 

“Music” was released on June 9th, so hopefully we’ll be hearing more tracks coming soon. Be on the lookout for Mystery Skulls on the top radio station.



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