Sunday Sounds: The Oh Hellos

August 6, 2017

The brother/sister duo backed by an 8 (give or take) member band create a Folk-Americana group, The Oh Hellos.

I first came across The Oh Hellos at KXT Summer Cut a few years back. The entire group set up at Starplex Pavillion and were met with the sound issues Starplex is notorious for. They took it all in stride, the sound was fixed, the band played loud while having fun.

The dynamic within the group is a bond very clearly shared by a loving family. Their stage presence rivals Arcade Fire by sheer size and Mumford & Sons with energy (both calm and hyped). The Oh Hellos music is similar to Iron and Wine with folksy lyrics and melodies. Tyler and Maggie’s voices meld with lovely harmonies. The chorus backing them without drowning out the rest of the music.

As of right now, they are booked to play Tradfest in Ireland at the beginning of 2018. They toured last year so here’s hoping Tradfest is the kickoff to another exciting round of shows.

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