Sunday Sounds: Rudi Aliza

July 30, 2017

Rudi Aliza is young but she’s got chops.

I’ll openly admit pop music isn’t my preferred genre but I can recognize a good voice when I hear it. I also am aware that pop sells and plays, often repetitively, on most radio stations. But Rudi Aliza is a pop artist I can support.

Even at her age and little background in the industry, she has a clear, strong voice. She’s held on to her own style as well. Her voice is clearly her own that sets her apart. Think a former Disney star turned pop star but with talent and you’ll have Rudi Aliza. Her song “Put on a Show for You” is professionally mixed and produced, ready to be played on any station.

She performed in Austin this year during SXSW. Rudi has performed throughout Dallas for small shows. She has also sung the national anthem at Stars and Mavs games. Currently, there are no shows listed for the rest of the year, but here’s hoping that will change.

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