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Your Grandma’s Cookin’ and Her Furniture Too

February 24, 2017

Whistle Britches¹ opened last June with chicken, biscuits, and beer in mind. And by chicken, they meant Southern Home-Fried chicken.

There are staples when it comes to Southern food: cream gravy, fried chicken, chicken n waffles, chicken n biscuits, and cobbler, to name a few. Everyone who grew up in the Texas has a preference on how these are made. Generally, because someone in the family, most likely grandma, had their special recipe. I can certainly say that I’m guilty of this bias. (No one’s chocolate pie has come close to my Nonnie’s.) When it comes to Southern comfort food, it’s more than ingredients, its memories of who made it and the feeling of home.

So when you open a restaurant promising “the tastiest, juiciest, and crunchiest bird in town,” you have big shoes to fill. Not to mention with a name that only my Nonnie would have used.

I have been to Whistle Britches twice now. Both times, I left full and happy. The entry way is small and during busy times, such as Sunday brunch, there maybe a line. Don’t let that stop you. You might have seen the decor before in pictures your mom showed you of her house in the 70’s. Or your grandma might still have chairs that match the bar stools (orange crushed velvet with buttons). There is a covered and uncovered part of the patio for all-weather.

Honest truth I was nervous to try the food. Only due to my love for chicken n waffles and my perfectionism with biscuits. I’m glad I took the chance. The buttermilk biscuits are square, if you thought they’d look like Pillsbury. Word of caution, though: spread the butter! The “Whistle Britches” aka chicken biscuit comes with sweet butter and jalapeño jelly as a glob on top of the chicken. As much as you might like butter, don’t ruin your first bite with a mouthful of it. Served almost like a sandwich, it comes with a handful of chips unless you ask for a different side.

Now one of my favorite foods of all time, chicken n waffles. I am particular about this dish. The waffle has to be the right density with the perfect amount of syrup so it’s not too sweet or salty and the chicken has to bring the crunch. After ordering, the food came in record time. This dish also comes with the butter and jalapeño jelly but also a splash of syrup. The amount of syrup was fine but unfortunately, it was all on one side. Before I got a few bites in, half the waffle became mushy. Though it was delicious, their chicken doesn’t take the award.

It’s not home cooked but I’m going to keep coming back. The food is delicious, the service is great, and the atmosphere is bright and airy. If you are looking for brunch plans this weekend, you’ve found the place.

Whistle Britches
6110 Frankford Rd.
Dallas TX 75252

¹”Whistle Britches” came from the sound that corduroys make when walking. Today’s slang would be either hipster or saying “you fancy, huh?”




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