‘Sunday Sounds’ is Back

It’s been a minute since we’ve done Sunday Sounds, so here’s a refresher and the changes we’ve made. Originally, Sunday Sounds was a full blog post highlighting local and sometimes unsigned musicians from other areas of Texas. We’d share a quick about, music links, and event dates. This would be posted across all channels so on and so […]

Sunday Sounds: Briston Maroney

No, this isn’t a Dallas artist. (I know, I know.) But hear me out, Briston Maroney opened for Cold War Kids this week at The Rustic’s 6th Birthday Party. And it’s not every day you see an opener and think “yep, I’m a fan now”.  You may have heard Briston Maroney’s music if you listen […]

Sunday Sounds: Wesley Jensen and the Penny Arcade

Sunday Sounds is back! Sorry for the break in musical content. But today’s feature is one of the many DFW bands that will be at SXSW. Wesley Jensen and the Penny Arcade is an indie folk band with unique lead vocals and personality. They have been regarded “Beach Boys meets Beachhouse” though I would rather […]

Sunday Sounds: Dome Dwellers

Denton natives, Dome Dwellers make today’s post of must listen to local artists. The Indie trio put on a great show and produce an upbeat sound similar to Saint Motel. Dome Dwellers recently played during the Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase in Deep Ellum. They were nominated for Best Rock Act and Best Guitarist, Michael […]

Sunday Sounds: Slim Lemon

There seems to be a classic rock/psychedelic revival happening in rock music today. Slim Lemon is bringing late-60’s heavy psychedelic back to Dallas. Slim Lemon recently played at Three Links, a mecca for local artists of all genres, ahead of their soon to be released EP. “Better I Should Know” is their first single which […]

Sunday Sounds: Valise

Valise is out of the Dallas area that has been around for a few years now. Valise is an indie band with a great sound and fun personalities. They recently finished their tour with Zealyn. They are awesome live and great on the album. They have recently added a new member as well as changing […]

Interview: Casey Newton of Valise

Honest Dallas caught up with Casey Newton of Valise at the start of their tour. Valise has been around for years now. And we’ve been going to their shows since the beginning. Valise is an indie band with a great sound and fun personalities. They just started their fall tour with their show in Orlando […]

Sunday Sounds: Wall of Orange

Dallas based Wall of Orange is only a year old but Gary Parks’ skills as a composer and Indie vocals bring 90’s psychedelic to the modern era of music. Before starting Wall of Orange, Gary Parks was a film and commercial music composer. The production of Wall of Orange’s debut album shows off their ear […]

Sunday Sounds: Buffalo Black

Buffalo Black a great lyricist and Dallas native. His biggest challenge will be overcome the mainstream radio looking for trap beats and incoherent or useless “lyrics.” Not to say all hip-hop or rap on the radio doesn’t have substance. But to be played on repeat radio seems to have a formula that is basic, generic, […]

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