Out-of-Towner: Joe T. Garcia’s

Joe T. Garcia’s is only a drive to Fort Worth away. A somewhat famous Mexican staple in Fort Worth, Joe T. Garcia’s has been around since the 30’s. It has since grown with one of the largest patios you’ll find in the metroplex. Beautifully landscaped and expansive the patio is popular and fills up on […]

Hibashi Teppan Grill and Sushi Bar

Stop in for a quick but great lunch or enjoy the grill for dinner at Hibashi. Hibashi has become a go-to lunch stop if I’m craving Asian. They are always quick but they don’t sacrifice quality. The food ranges in style. The menu has a nice selection of Japanese and Korean fusion foods as well […]

Cow Tipping Creamery

You know what Blizzards are but have you tried Cow Tipping Creamery’s Stackers? Cow Tipping Creamery is the king of mixins. They started as a food truck/ice cream truck out of Austin. Now that truck is in Carrollton as their shop is being built. You can find it next to the new Monkey King Noodle […]

Ten50 BBQ

Ten50 is Richardson’s new BBQ restaurant offering Texas hickory-smoked barbecue. I had originally tried Ten50 at the Taste of Dallas. 2 mini BBQ sandwiches with chips for $7, how could I say no? The meat was tender. The sauce wasn’t overloaded with vinegar. The buns were soft and warm. It was impressive enough I had […]

What’s Shakin’? Shake Shack is Taking the World by Storm

Shake Shack once just a stand in NYC has now expanded across the world. Let’s just talk about the ones in the DFW area though. Shake Shack’s Uptown location arrived a year ago. Since its success, Shake Shack has recently opened its newest site in Legacy West. Honestly, a perfect location. Unlike the Uptown location, […]

The Novelty Hasn’t Worn Off of Sprinkles’ Cupcakes

Sprinkles, the “World’s First Cupcake Bakery”, keeps its name in the mix with its novelty ATM. Sprinkles was a huge success when it reached Dallas. Everyone wanted the white icing with the blue and red dot. The lines nearly went around the block. Sprinkles made itself a household name in Dallas. Then other bakeries started […]

Mesero: Mexican Spirit. American Life.

Mesero’s slogan is “Mexican Spirit. American Life.” After visiting, it’s more than suiting. The interior of this restaurant deserves recognition along with its food. Large spacious dining areas lit by large windows provide natural light. During the day there is a sense of serenity, while at night it provides an air of intimacy. If you go […]

Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services has interesting dynamics and good food. The interior is as if there were two owners: one who wanted the bar to look like Cheers and the other one who wanted an upscale restaurant. Somehow they got both and honestly, it works. The menu even matches the style of the restaurant with New American […]

Hopdoddy Revisited

I originally posted about Hopdoddy back in 2014 when they opened a new store in Uptown.  Since then, I have been back on more than one occasions and in different areas and cities. I stand by my initial review (that it’s better than Village Burger Bar) but the newness and hype has worn off. I’m […]

Authentic Korean Food is Outside the Bubble

If you’re wanting authentic Korean food or BBQ, you’ll have to venture out of Dallas proper. As I mentioned in my post about Churro Alley, Koreatown in Carrolton is growing. It also has the most authentic Korean food I’ve come across to date. If want to make your own Korean food, H Mart will have […]

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