Chelsea Corner

I want to take a moment to talk about something dear to my heart: brunch. You don’t have to go to north on McKinney Ave for good brunch but then you’d be missing out on Chelsea Corner.

Chelsea Corner has a great patio, lots of space, and excellent food. You can get my favorite brunch dish, chicken & waffles, or something healthy like the Fit+Happy. Mimosas are just $3 which is a great price, especially if you consider the area.

I started by brunch with beignets, which I devoured. Due to my earlier lack of self-restraint with fried, sugary food, I tried to balance it out by ordering the Fit+Happy. The avocado could have been riper but that’s its only flaw. And of course, finished it all off with the mimosa. Might not be the most “fit” meal but I was happy afterwards.

Parking is practically nonexistent so thankfully, Chelsea Corner has a free valet. Brunch is 10:30 AM- 4 PM, Saturday and Sunday. So if you miss it, were you really even trying to have brunch?

I would highly recommend having your next brunch here. It’s great for a friends brunch, a date brunch, or even going by yourself.

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