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Delivery vs Pickup: Restaurant List

With the pandemic there has been a spike in usage for GrubHub, Doordash, UberEats, etc. But not all restaurants use these apps and some lose quality when they do. So which restaurants are app ready and which are worth getting in your car and masking up for?


Any Pho or Ramen place
We particularly like Ramen Hakata, Oni Ramen, Ichiro Ramen Shop, Pho DK, and Pho Pasteur. 

Most Thai restaurants
We suggest Oceanic Thai, Banana Leaf Thai, Ginger Thai, or Bangkok at Beltline.

Tacodeli or OMG Tacos

Street’s Fine Chicken


Modern Market
Yes, we know this is a chain. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good.


Any sushi
Just trust us on this one.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had good luck with BBQ being delivered. 

Village Burger Bar
Unless you live right next door (in which case, pick it up anyway and save yourself the delivery fee), it’ll be lukewarm at best when it gets to you.

Pie Tap
It’s delicious no matter what but much better if molten hot from the restaurant.

Meso Maya
This is another one that is fresher with pickup rather than delivery.

85Β°C Bakery
Asain pastries that are worth the calories.

Whistle Britches

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