Edith’s French Bistro

We’re going to keep this short today. Why? Because Edith’s French Bistro in Mockingbird Station has me torn and more than a little disappointed.

I’m torn because the Chicken & Croissant was absolutely delicious but the servers were rude and the red velvet cake was inedible. It was a shame that the cake was terrible since it looks great and the other desserts are good. It doesn’t help that Mockingbird Station can be a real pain to get into and park.

I’ll break down the food a little more for context. The chicken & croissant was flavorful and rich without being heavy. The cheese sauce was the perfect consistency and the croissant was flaky and light. The red velvet cake was soggy with food color/Kool-Aid used to make it a bright red, staining your mouth so you have to be reminded of your poor choice. The only flavor was artifical dye and corn syrup.

I honestly don’t think I can justify visiting again for the one dish, all things considered.

If you want French style chicken, just go to Street’s Fine Chicken.

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