Hash House a Go Go

The San Diego native Hash House a Go Go is now in North Texas. Bringing farm fresh staples like giant chicken and waffles.

If there’s one thing people know to be true about the south is that we love fried chicken. Being from Texas, it’s normal to be skeptical of a place not from the south offering up classics. But the food is served in Texas portions with lots of flavor.

I ordered the smaller portion of chicken and waffles rather than having the “tower” of food. (It’s literally called the “The Big O Sage Fried Chicken and Waffle Tower”). The smaller portion is a sage fried chicken breast with two waffles. The chicken wasn’t dry but it wasn’t dripping in grease either. Needless to say, I devoured it. The food was delicious. I was surprised to enjoy the fried leeks as a garnish.

It is in Preston Park Village in Plano. So technically, this isn’t a Dallas restaurant. I would highly suggest making the drive.

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