Keeping Your Home Bar Stocked: Texas Edition

If we can’t go to the bar, we’ll bring it to us. But if we’re being honest, our bar was stocked before the bars closed due to COVID-19.

We love Texas breweries and distilleries, so we make sure to have some Texas brands in the house. Here’s the list of our go-to Texas brands:


  • Tito’s Vodka
  • Deep Eddy Vodka
  • Deep Ellum Vodka
  • Rebecca Creek Whiskey
  • Herman Marshall Whiskey
  • Firestone & Robertson TX Bourbon
  • Witherspoon Whiskey
  • Texas Prickly Pear Spirit


  • Legal Draft- Nowhere but Texas and Chief Justice Stout
  • Unlawful Assembly- Rebel Faction and Smoke Screen
  • Oak Cliff- Black Lager
  • Lakewood Brewing- Temptress
  • Community Beer- Texas Lager
  • Peticolas- Black Curtains, Turn Out the Lights, Great Scot!
  • Four Corners- Local Buzz
  • Rahr & Sons- Adios Pantalones and Texas Red


  • Bishop Cider
  • Ranch Water
  • On the Rocks pre-made cocktails with actual liquor (because sometimes you just want the drink made already)

So whether you shop at Goody Goody (our fave), Specs, Total Wine, or a local liquor store, support Texas brands and keep the home bar stocked. You can also order directly from some of the breweries for pickup orders.

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