Street’s Fine Chicken

Ever think to yourself, you know what would make fried chicken better, a French flair? Yeah, me either. And that’s why we need Street’s Fine Chicken.

Street’s Fine Chicken is a quality Southern food restaurant with its specialty being (you guessed it) chicken. I’m southern and love my fried food. I can happily say that Street’s Fine Chicken hits the mark and then some. From the chicken tenders to the French Fried Chicken to the honey biscuits, it’s excellent. I most recently had the chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. The gravy was the right amount of pepper and not too much salt. Though it was smothered all over the chicken, it didn’t take away from the chicken itself. The potatoes weren’t too whipped nor chunky. And that honey butter biscuit…heaven.

But don’t let the flair intimidate you. The restaurants are simple, order at the counter, get a number, bring it to your table type place. You can order for the whole family or just get a plate for yourself. You’ll get large, southern portions (the kind that makes you unbutton. It’s ok we won’t tell.)

If you need a great dinner option or work lunch, visit Street’s Fine Chicken either on Forest Lane or Cedar Springs. It’s worth the calories.

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