Briston Maroney at the Rustic Dallas

Sunday Sounds: Briston Maroney

No, this isn’t a Dallas artist. (I know, I know.) But hear me out, Briston Maroney opened for Cold War Kids this week at The Rustic’s 6th Birthday Party. And it’s not every day you see an opener and think “yep, I’m a fan now”. 

You may have heard Briston Maroney’s music if you listen to 91.7 KXT or ALT 103.7 with “Caroline” being a recognized song. Every song played was played with energy and emotion. Briston (the singer/guitarist) reminds me of a young Morrison while the bassist and lead guitarist had Cage the Elephant energy. All in all, it was a fun show that I enjoyed every minute of. So you might as well jump on the bandwagon now. 

If you are at ACL this weekend, you can catch them on Saturday. Briston Maroney will also be at The Rustic in San Antonio tonight. Otherwise, Dallas we’ll have to wait for their return. But you can always stream and buy their music now.  

Goes with: Mt. Joy, Hippo Campus, Cold War Kids

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