Sweet Daze: A Photo Worth a Thousand Calories?

Sweet Daze has become an Instagram superstar. You’ve seen their colorful teas topped with a huge slice of rainbow cake or their galaxy donuts. These are no doubt impressive and beautiful to look at but what about taste?

From the outside, Sweet Daze just looks like another spot in the shopping mall. Its signage is more modern than it’s neighbors. You’ll truly recognize when there’s a line out the door. The line itself is deceiving. The shop is small, only having four tables. The staff is quick and prepared for the lines. Don’t let the line

Two walls are decorated with fun sayings and lights in case you need more to Instagram. And Sweet Daze is all about the ‘gram. They even sale the Sweet Daze display box for your donut (it’s only 75 cents). They offer five designer donuts daily and a special on the weekends or during holidays.

Seeing as the Galaxy donut seems to be the most popular, I opted to try it. I decided a cold brew coffee would be better to wash it down with rather than more sugar. I’m not actually sure of the calorie count but the donut was worth every bite. It was simple but delicious. (Skip the cofffe and get a tea though).

All in all, it’s worth the drive and the calories.

Sweet Daze
581 W Campbell Rd #127,
Richardson, TX 75080

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