The Diner of Dallas

Since it’s National Pie Day, I thought it would be the perfect day to tell you about the Diner. The Diner has been in Dallas for 18 years. It might not be from the 50’s but they have tried their best to maintain that style and esthetic.

The menu is true to a diner, simple, Southern and fried foods. The rolls are the best part of the meal. They come hot and fresh with real butter. I order the chicken strip meal with mashed potatoes, carrots, and cream gravy. The food wasn’t over-salted but somewhat lacking in flavor.

What I love about mom and pop diners is the dessert, more specifically the pie. I’m a fan of most pie but I have a special place in my heart for Coconut Creme Pie. There is a case of pie when you walk into the Diner. It’s what I thought about the whole meal. I ordered the Coconut Creme Pie. Though the presentation is great, I was sorely disappointed. I couldn’t even eat more than a few bites. It had the consistency of leftover pudding. The pie filling tasted box made and the topping was old, canned whipped cream.

So now for National Pie Day, I’ll give you a list of other places to enjoy wonderful pie:

Lekka (Preston and Franklin)
Emporium Pies (Bishop Arts, Deep Ellum, McKinney)
Norma’s (Various Locations)
Baker’s Ribs for Fried Pies


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