Transformation Tuesday: Dallas Edition

As with most large cities, things are constantly changing. New businesses come in, old buildings torn down, and management is changed. Recently, several new places have opened and the list is already growing for Spring. Here’s some of the changes in which you should be aware.

  1. The Xerox Building off 75 is to be demolished for the proposed Sam’s Club. This has brought a lot of controversy. Most of Uptown is against having a mega store built in the neighborhood. The demolition is set for February 1st. (Yes, Super Bowl Sunday.)
  2. Chicago-based Yolk opened in the One Arts Plaza today. Breakfast themed restaurant, Yolk, opened its doors in the Arts District. Originally, the open date was set for Fall 2014. Now after a long anticipated wait, it’s finally here. They are open 6 am-3 pm weekdays and 7 am- 3 pm.
  3. Barter quietly shut its doors this week. That’s really all that’s to be said. We’ll see what goes in next.
  4. Henderson Avenue Taproom owners just opened Henderson Avenue Country Club, emphasis on country. They are claiming to be the best honky tonk & bbq bar in Texas. That’s to be seen but they do have a Southern style lunch and dinner menu. (Head’s up: they are also hiring.)
  5. Openings to look forward to:
    1. Bomb Factory, Opening Spring 2015- It’s returning. Popular music venue, Bomb Factory, is coming back to Deep Ellum. It will occupy the large warehouse space on Canton. The first concert is already set for April 4th.
    2. Foyer, Opening set for March- Yet another coffee shop but this one has the benefit of occupying the Alto 211 building. It’s expected to have later hours and serve more than coffee.
    3. Filament, Spring 2015- Matt McCallister is opening a new restaurant in Deep Ellum. Southern style cooking with a large horseshoe bar will be opening on Main Street.

This is just a small portion of the changes to expect in Dallas. Stay up-to-date by following on Twitter and Facebook.

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