Uptown Pub

Neighborhood style bar that makes a great burger. (Cue the Cheers theme song) Though it’s located in Uptown off of McKinney Avenue, Uptown Pub has a laid back feel and cheaper prices.

They start serving food at 11am. Their Bleu Burger is either second or third on my list of best burgers in Dallas. Made with 1/2 a pound of meat and lots of Bleu cheese. Fries are included with burgers and sandwiches. All for roughly $8.

Uptown Pub has specials nearly every day. Monday-Friday Happy Hour is from 11am-7pm. I suggest going then otherwise you’ll pay $7 for a Jack and coke. I will say that they pour them strong.

Every Thursday and Saturday night there is live music. Wednesdays and Sundays are karaoke nights. I have no idea why there sign says erotic because there is nothing erotic about this bar.

The patio is perfect for summer nights drinking and listening to music.Uptown Pub is on the corner of McKinney Avenue and Lemmon.

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